We’ve Moved

30 03 2009

Update your bookmarks or weekly “procrastinating-real-work” blog traffic to the new RyanSworth.com.


Come on folks, get a move on, nothing to see here.


If the Barn Needs Painting, Paint It

24 03 2009

So last week was another one of those monumental weeks – one for the books. More on that later this week. First though, lets start with the easy stuff…

Its been a long time coming, but little ol’ RyanSworth.com finally has received a well-deserved facelift. I figure that if I really wanted to call myself a graphic designer, then I  should probably be able to design my own blog. So I did. And my good friend Caleb did all the pro-style coding to make it look fancy. There are still a few tweaks that we’re making, but all in all I’m super happy with how everything’s turned out. And if you’re like “What the fat are you talking about? I still see the old blog. Nothing’s changed. You’re a liar,” its because you haven’t updated your bookmark to www.ryansworth.com. So do it. And quit calling me a liar. Jerk.

Oh Heck Yes

17 03 2009

Color me excited.


Happy 50,000

16 03 2009

Well that’s one way to start off the week…
That’s right – the ol’ bloggity blog hit 50K total views over the weekend. And in honor of the milestone, be expecting some nice new changes around here this week. Hows that for baiting the hook? And here to celebrate the big day, Manute Bol and Mugsy Bogues…


Minesweeper: The Movie

14 03 2009

Another movie based on a video game. Amazing.

T-Shirt Bonanza ’09: The Next 30

11 03 2009

What? You thought I forgot about this? Or that maybe I got distracted or something? No way Jose, this thing is just getting started. And based on a rough guestimate, I’d say I’m less than 1/3 of the way through. Here is day 16 through 45 (here’s day 1 through 15 if you like to reminisce). Click on them if you wanna get a better look. And big thumbs up to G-off, who’s been behind the camera for 98% of these hot pics.

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

10 03 2009

Apparently this dancing lady can tell you whether or not you’re creative or analytical.

If shes going counter-clockwise, you’re left-brained.
If shes moving clockwise, you’re right-brained.

Who knew. A psychologist somewhere is kicking himself for wasting all that money on an education.

Whichever way she spins for you, she could probably stand to have some clothes on. I’m just saying.

via El Clinto