Atlantis and the End of the Rainbow: Found

2 03 2009

Google wants to own the world. Everyone should know that by now. They’ve made practically every comepetitor obsolete (remember when Yahoo was a seach engine, not a place for your Fantasy Football league?) and those they couldn’t beat, they bought (I’m looking at you YouTube). And since Google Earth/Maps/Street View hit the scene a few years back, geeks/travelers/future home buyers/stalkers have never had an easier time seeing anywhere in the world in a mater of seconds. And now, they’ve apparently found the lost city of Atlantis. Go figure. If anybody was gonna do it, it’d be Google. Here’s the Google Map link.


Not to be outdone however, a guy in California found the end of the rainbow.

So suck it Google. You don’t own us yet.




3 responses

3 03 2009
Chris Hill

That’s hysterical. Like a satellite image could see the bottom of the ocean. Well, I guess there’s no longer a need to spend all that money on vehicles that rove the ocean’s floor. We’ll just map it with satellite images. Better yet, we’ll just fly really high in an airplane and look down. lol

4 03 2009

I wanna know where the gold at!?

14 05 2014
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