Fresh and Minty

5 03 2009

Keeping on the money train, I’ve been working on my personal budgeting skills (or malfunctions) the past few months trying to get all prepped for my wedding and the subsequent combined bank accounts/incomes/budgets that will be happening shortly there after. Since I’ve never technically balanced my own check book and I’ve been known a time or two to dip into the “Overdraft Protection” funds, I’m generally a walking nightmare when it comes to finances. All I know is that typically I make more than I spend, and when I don’t, I have a few credit cards to work with. And I save. Sometimes. I know, I know, I’m a train wreck.

Then I met – a fresh look at budgeting – that’s free. Imagine a budget website that’s ridiculously easy to use and doesn’t force you to really do any leg work at all except input all your credit cards and bank accounts (don’t worry you freakin’ pessimists – it’s super safe). Next, sit back and watch the magic happen. Mint tracks all your money, creates you a budget based on your previous spending, categorizes all your purchases, and shows it all to you in pretty pie charts and bar graphs. You don’t have to do a thing. It updates itself every time you log in. They even send you e-mail updates when you’ve gone over budget or if you have a credit card payment due this week. And did I mention it’s free? Yeah. It’s amazing. So if you’re like me and not that financially sophisticated, go sign up now. And save some money. Or at least find out where all your money went.




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10 03 2009

I love me some mint.

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