Right Brain vs. Left Brain

10 03 2009

Apparently this dancing lady can tell you whether or not you’re creative or analytical.

If shes going counter-clockwise, you’re left-brained.
If shes moving clockwise, you’re right-brained.

Who knew. A psychologist somewhere is kicking himself for wasting all that money on an education.

Whichever way she spins for you, she could probably stand to have some clothes on. I’m just saying.

via El Clinto




4 responses

16 03 2009
Layne Madden

she keeps switching directions on me.

17 03 2009
The Stewardship Journey

Okay, it took me like three minutes to finally get her to go clockwise. Then she switches on me and now is stuck again. I am forced to stop looking at her and leave a comment instead.

17 03 2009
The Stewardship Journey

One more comment…was the nipple really necessary?

24 03 2009
Rachel Olshine

I watched this thing for wayyy to long and I agree that she switches direction!

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