C3 in the Big D: Day 2 Recap

22 02 2009


– Tommy Barnett looks freakishly like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

– Pastor Steven brought the house down with his message on honor and restoring it to the church and the men of God called to lead them.

– Christine Caine is a tiny little Australian firecracker with a great message who looks like she is 15, not 42.

– Pastor Craig Groeschell still sounds like a sideline football reporter, but killed it with his message on what ‘It’ is and how we get it back.

– T.D. Jakes’ knowledge of the Bible and the way he makes it all connect is like some sort of ‘Beautiful Mind’ moment is amazing… I can never write fast enough to keep up with what he profoundly pulls from scripture.

– Afterwards, I got hit on by some girls during their sweet 16 birthday dinner. I have the napkin note to prove it.

– I spent some time walking in a fountain due to a lost bet between myself and Joybatka.

– We caught up on LOST on a television that had the reception of an old basement TV with rabbit ears.

– Wade unfortunately taught me what a ‘Bell Ringer’ was.

– Wade also ate a whole bag of fun size candy bars while he was in his bed and wallowed around on the wrappers. Gross.

– On the way home, Larry and I convinced a pilot that we were doing a community college video project and to let me wear her pilot hat.

So that’s it. Great trip. Great teaching. A proud moment to get to share in ministry with Pastor Steven. Great food. Great friends. And some hotel roommates that made it feel somewhere between the last night of summer camp and the first year of college. Fantastic.




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