C3 In the Big D: Day 1 Recap

20 02 2009

A few of the highlights from day 1:

– Today was Pastor Steven’s birthday. We all went up to his room to sing him happy birthday outside his door. Like Christmas carolers.

– We’re staying in a hotel that has a small city inside of it. With real trees. And a river. And a Kinko’s.

– We all got a free pair of TOMS shoes at the conference. I got plain white ones because of my boyish good looks. And I asked nicely.

– Ed Young did an Axl Rose impression and also said he’d pay top dollar for John Maxwell’s teeth because they can bite a man’s arm off.

– Bil with one L Cornielius spoke great words about the importance of praying for the work we do, rather than just merely doing the work we do.

– Ben Young used words that I haven’t heard since Mr. Angstadt’s Philosophy & Ethics class.

– Jentzen Franklin is part TV evangelist, part conference speaker and all Georgia. Fantastic.

– Joybatka and I committed crimes of the heart in a photobooth.

– I ate at my first Brazilian steakhouse. I piled my plate high with beef, pork and chicken shaved right off a skewer. I was not disappointed.

– I saw Chunks without a shirt on. Again.

– Meredith and I represented CS4 well in Balderdash: Pastor Steven edition.

– I’m sleeping on a rollaway twin bed at the foot of Wade’s queen bed. I feel like an indentured servant.




3 responses

20 02 2009

sounds exciting!…and long

20 02 2009

You should check out Brazas Brazilian Restaurant on Independence in Charlotte.

20 02 2009
m. wood

PLEASE do something awesome and creative with your toms. i would let you win our imaginary street fight if you did.

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