Five Easy Wins

10 02 2009

There was no convincing needed for me to began eagerly waiting for these hot cakes to drop.

1. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

2. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

I’ll group these two together for no other reason than that they are my childhood dreams manifested on the big screen. The first Transformers was big and loud and shiny and I loved it unapologetically. The last GI Joe movie I saw was in 1987. I was four. Its about freakin’ time.

3. U2 – No Line On The Horizon
Do I even need to explain this one? Go listen to the sexy boots song and get as psyched as you’ve ever been for dudes in their 50’s.

Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything To Nothing
4. Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything to Nothing
Saw these guys back in ’05 and knew then they were something special. Fast forward to late-night show appearances, TV soundtracks and critical acclaim… and if their new single “I’ve Got Friends” is any sign of things to come… holy bologna, this is gonna be amazing.

5. Ryan Adams at the Township Auditorium
The alt-country troubadour train wreck makes a pit stop in my hometown. Mr. Brown and I will be there to watch it all unfold – or all fall apart.




One response

10 02 2009

#4 is pretty freakin’ good.

And I’m pretty pumped about some new U2 as well.

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