Holmes, The Boss and Punching Koalas: The 2nd Annual Super Bowl Recap Three Days After the Fact

4 02 2009

I got away with it last year. So why not this year? Now that the Super Bowl dust has officially settled and everyone has moved on, I figure what better time than three days later to write about it. Its like going to work late and missing all the traffic – nice, but lonely. Moving on.

Larry Fitzgerald

Without a dog in the fight this year (thanks to a very Gamecock-like thrashing the Panthers took at the hands of the Cardinals a few weeks back), I got a chance to sit back, enjoy some buffalo chicken mini sandwiches (I refuse to call them slammers… whoever whipped that one up should be slapped, along with the guy who came up with Ice DreamTM…) and hang out with the hot lady and 3/4 of the Sunday night trivia team. I was with the Cardinals the whole way because I’m a sucker for a good underdog (maybe explaining the Gamecock thing) and Kurt Warner is man to be admired – he’s 37, doing things that 24 year olds should be doing. Guys who are 37 and played in the NFL shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl, they should be doing Just For Men hair color commercials with Keith Hernandez. Also, he seems like a pretty stand-up guy and is unapologetic about his faith. But it wasn’t meant to be – despite the thrilling comeback late in the game, the Steelers, behind the hands of drug-dealer-turned-Super-Bowl-MVP Santonio Holmes came up with slow-motion-montage worthy endzone catch to seal the deal. We won’t talk about the bad calls that ended the game and the Cardinals last chance drive – by that point, they were already cuing up the Steelers Championship video/t-shirt/hat commercial. But hey, thanks for making it worth the watch.

Bruce Springsteen
And then of course there was the half-time show. If you know me at all, you know how I feel about The Boss. So you could say I was a little excited with the 12 minutes of musical wonder that was Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. Packing “10th Avenue Freeze-Out” (unexpected), “Born to Run”(a given – even I though freakin called it “Thunder Road” earlier and McKenzie called me out), “Working On A Dream”(the new song – so a given), & “Glory Days”(a classic) into a tight set, complete with stadium-shaking fireworks, some cheesy football references, and a soon-to-be legendary crotch first slide into a cameraman, was exactly what a Super Bowl half-time show should be. Consider me content and satisfied.

Then of course there were the commercials – and being that it’s apparently a down year for the economy (I hadn’t heard…) – I’m not gonna give you the play-by-play breakdown like last year. I’ll just throw my picks out for Best In Show:

Best Music/Feel Good:
Pepsi Refresh

Best Looking: Coke Heist

Best Repetitive Beating of Small Animal: Careerbuilder.com

Best SNL Reference: Pepsuber

Best Use of Cheap Pain Humor: Pepsi Max

Best Use of 1 Second Ever: High Life

And That’s it. See you this time next year – roughly three days after the fact.




4 responses

4 02 2009

hmm funny.. he played Born to Run on my halftime show.. I don’t think I heard a Thunder Road rendition.. oh thats right, you don’t know your facts. Clearly, I’m the bigger Bruce fan.

4 02 2009

Ha, and you said that the Super Bowl was good for your bones…. Sad sad sad. i didn’t even watch the super bowl and i am as healthy as can be. My bones are strong!!!!!! But now I ahve a blog so none of this matters anymore. So while your blogging about how the super bowl went, i’ll be blogging on something not superbowl related. Ha! Revenge!!!!

4 02 2009

@McKenzie… back in April, while you were doing something completely unimportant I’m sure, I was watching Mr. Springsteen from 20 rows deep. He was great, he told me I was awesome, and we’re good friends to this day. Even if I can’t get song names right (which I have since fixed and given you the appropriate credit… sigh). See you around the ol Thunder Road there ma’am.

9 02 2009

Don’t play funny. You know I drove home from Chapel Hill to be at that concert in April. We were there at the same time, you are not above me. And guess where I’ll be this April? Atlanta.. seeing my boys Bruce, Clarence, and Steve rock out. I win!

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