Friday Free-For-All: Bringing It Back For A New Year

30 01 2009

So a while back, the only blog I could pull myself together to write on a semi-weekly basis was the Friday Free-For-All… Just a collection of superlatives I’d collected from the previous week. You can see a few of them here or here or here. So with a new year upon us and a pseudo-resolution to blog at least twice (preferably three times) a week, I figure what better time to bring the old Free-For-All out of retirement. Sorta like this guy. Sorta. So, with that said, away we go.

Most Useless But Super Cool Interior Design Product Inspired By Apple:
Who doesn’t love that sexy little cover flow that makes your iTunes more visually appealing and your iPod touch worth the pricetag? So why not take that and turn it into a cute, but completely impractical way to store your CDs… that is, if you still even buy those things.

Best Music In a Moving Object, Outside of Cruise Ship Lounge Singers:
I know that I don’t really need to plug these guys anymore, but I can’t help it. It’s just so good. Check out the Avett Brother’s performing their song St. Joseph on some sort of summertime ski lift. The warm weather that makes you yearn for summer is just an added bonus. Enjoy.

Potentially My Only Reason to Ever Want to Visit Ukraine:
So being that Ukraine isn’t topping many peoples “Places to See Before I Die” list, you gotta do what you gotta do to get see screen time. In Ukraine’s case, this means turning the side of an apartment building into a giant crossword puzzle, with the questions located at different points of interest throughout the city. Super cool. Too bad I’m not fluent in Ukrainian, because if my proficiency at Sudoku is any measure of success, I’d slay this thing.

Two Reasons to Be A More Defensive Driver:

Done. And done.


Song That I’ve Been Wearing Out Like Good Pair of Shoes:
Guggenheim Grotto – “Fee Da Da Dee”

An Irish folk-rock band with some Spoon-type vocal loops. Like a Postal Service meets Damien Rice. You’re gonna like it.

And that wraps up the first of potentially many Friday fun nugget installments. We’ll see you back here next week. Maybe. Probably.




One response

1 02 2009

blogging two times a week is almost as likely as hump day coming back. in case the sarcasm was missed, i mean it’s never gonna happen.

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