We’ve Come A Long Way

21 01 2009


Regardless whether or not you agree with Barack Obama, yesterday was a turning point in the history of our country. And even with a gloomy inauguration speech, two unpopular wars, and an economy in turmoil – yesterday proved that there is still hope for America. And not just because of a man – but because of a country’s decision, in the face of our history, to choose to break a pattern steeped in years of hatred and inequality. Does this mean that racism is over? Not by a long shot on either side. And is this broken racial barrier even the primary reason to celebrate? Not necessarily. But it does show the world that, even before making his first decision as president, we are making progress as a country. There are great days ahead and America’s best days are not behind us.




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22 01 2009
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1 02 2009

all right, ryan, you need some help. remember what i was saying about grammar today? here you go: “barack,” not “barak,” “choose,” not “chose,” “inequality,” not “unequality,” “necessarily,” not “neccisarily,” and in the post after this one, it’s “90s,” not “90’s.” you don’t need an apostrophe when you’re referring to the entire decade. does it make sense now why i get distracted by mistakes in the lyrics on the screens?

1 02 2009

your out of control… yes I did that one on purpose

2 02 2009

ha! but you changed them! and it looks so much better now! yay! i get excited too easily!

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