Top Eight of Oh Eight: Movies

16 01 2009

So this year end list is bringing up the rear, because I was waiting around until the last minute to see a few late releases… which ended up being a bunch of empty promises and wishful thinking since I didn’t get to see most of them. So had I seen Benjamin Button or The Visitor, or had The Wrestler been in wide-release before the end of January, this list might look a little different. Whatever. It’s my list, and no one really cares anyway. With that said, the envelope please…

1. Wall-E
The first 30 minutes of this movie is one of the most heartfelt and sincere displays of persistent and unconditional love I’ve ever seen. And no one says a word. PIXAR’s best work since the original Toy Story.

2. The Dark Knight

Saw this in IMAX… twice. And once in regular theaters for good measure. The Joker is the greatest villain ever – and if you disagree, you have nothing to support that. Consider this checkered franchise completely redeemed.


3. Iron Man
I stand by my belief that this is the best superhero movie ever made. Why? Add the originality of having a hero who’s not a boy scout – a role Robert Downey Jr. flat out owns – with the fact that everything from effects to humor to conflict to character development aren’t sacrificed on the altar of the summer blockbuster, and you have an unarguable success.

4. Slumdog Millionaire

The most refreshing feel-good movie of the year. Proves better than most that favorite idealistic movie mantra – fate and love conquer all.

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Nearly as funny as Knocked Up and Superbad, and without the same level of vulgarity (minus Jason Segel and his glory), opting instead for a solid heartbreak love story.

6. Burn After Reading

The smartest comedy I’ve seen about such frustratingly stupid people. Brad Pitt’s hair alone is worth the viewing.

7.  Cloverfield

The YouTube era of suspense movies has begun – add a healthy dose of JJ Abrams conspiracy and calamity, and you have a grossly underrated monster movie.

8. Tropic Thunder
I liked this better when it was called Three Amigos. Still hilarious though, and beyond the star-studded cast, Danny McBride steals the show and for a few minutes, you can forget that Tom Cruise is an obnoxious, couch jumping crazy.

The Next Three: Be Kind Rewind, Pineapple Express, In Bruges

Intentionally Left Off Due to Terribleness: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Wanted, Semi-Pro, Step Brothers, The Happening, Don’t Mess With The Zohan

Potentially List Changing Movies I Still Want to See: American Teen, The Visitor, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler, Kung Fu Panda, JCVD, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Man On Wire, Frost/Nixon




4 responses

16 01 2009
kelly mcnamara

Kung Fu Panda is a new favorite of mine. It’s a really phenomenal mix that makes a funny, heartfelt/inspirational/touching (take your pick) and really bad-a** movie. Seriously. So good.
I feel dumb getting excited about a cartoon movie, but you had Wall-E (another favorite of mine) so.. that makes it ok.

16 01 2009
Meg Smith

Really?? You didn’t like step brothers??

Wait. Maybe that says something about me that I did….

16 01 2009

Ryan, could i ask you just one question, How did WALLE get 1st infront of THE DARK NIGHT…..??? I agree Walle was great, but it lost me after the fat people started rolling around at the end. I mean the Joker never goes bad ?(coming from a person who saw it about 6 times- my brother) But fat people?? PLEASE!!

16 01 2009

frost/nixon= you & me + a friday night

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