How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

6 01 2009

This is lengthy. But there’s lots of pictures. Suck it up, you’ll make it through. Let’s go.

So, as if I didn’t love my job enough already… not only did we get a high school-like 8 day Christmas break, but just before that I was a part (albeit a small part…) of potentially the greatest Christmas Eve I’ve ever seen. I can’t really put words around it – one of city’s premiere venues- passionate, jaw-dropping worship- inspiring, truth-filled teaching- 6,000+ people and over 400 people giving their lives to Jesus. Holy crap. Merry birthday Jesus. I really can’t believe I get paid to do this…
(*pics via my talented friends Sean & Cheyenne)




screenshot_10 screenshot_09



So after all that, I took it to the house for my last Hollingsworth Christmas as a single fella. You know, they’re not lying when they say growing up is hard to do. Especially when you have the family that I do. I mean come on – my Dad is the definition of man’s man and is building a grill the size of your car…

My mom is the current teacher of the year in the school district…

My older-younger sister just graduated from nursing school and is gonna tie the knot with her main squeeze in a few months…

And my younger-younger sister is 16, makes amazing jewelry, reads more in a week than you have in your entire life, rocks the mock-trial, and works at a law firm writing real estate closing papers.
When I was 16 I was getting in trouble working at Chick-fil-A.

Look around. I am truly blessed.

And then, to follow that, like a musical cherry on top, I spent my New Years Eve with my smokin’ hot lady, my roommate Josh, and my long-time amiga K Horne, rocking out to the sweet sounds of the one and only Avett Brothers. That’s what I call ringing in the new year – Dick Clark, eat your 87 year old heart out. Amazing.

So amazing in fact, that I barely (ok, maybe a little more than barely) noticed when my beloved Gamecocks got their clocks cleaned by Iowa in the Outback Bowl the next day.

Sigh. Well, its not all fairy tales I guess. But life is still good. Very good. Happy new year amigos.




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