My Better Half

4 12 2008

Barring any short term memory loss, you probably remember that I got engaged to a super fox a few months back and the ultra-talent that is Cheyenne Schultz caught the whole thing as it unfolded.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and being the well-connected man I am, the hot lady and I got up with the phenomenally good Sean Lyon to take some engagement photos in NoDa. Here’s the two things I was able to take away from that shoot:
a. Sean Lyon is wicked good at what he does.
b. Ashley Park is definitely the good looking part of this operation.

You don’t have to take my word for it – check it out yourself.







Sorry fellas. I win.




11 responses

4 12 2008

to your points: “a” is an understatement. That’s flat out impressive.

and “b” is a gross understatement. You are ulgy! Comparitively, I mean. Don’t take that the wrong way.

Congratulations man.

4 12 2008

The last shot looks like a Zales ad… Nice work by Sean Lyon and the “better half”. However you have some beauty sleep to catch up on 😉

4 12 2008
Cheyenne Schultz

Ahhhh!!!!! I LOVE these! Goodness – Sean did SUCH a great job and you two BOTH look great!

4 12 2008
Candice Lanning

Hot lady is right! Girl is working those pink heels!!! Sean…you are THE MAN!

4 12 2008
Momma Lou

While I agree that Sean did a great job and Ashley Park is a beauty, I think my baby boy is so handsome and always cute as a button!

4 12 2008

Hey, thanks for the props. I just want to know how you ripped all my pics.

4 12 2008
Tonia Bendickson

I agree with everything Ryan’s mom said.
And even though you can’t see him, Sean is cute as a button, too.

12 12 2008

Those pic’s are phenominal like dang yo, whenever I get engaged and need some pic’s Sean is gettin a call for real. but also Congrats man on being engaged man, and yea you’re mom’s right you are cute as a button.

14 12 2008


So happy for you brother. Take care and CONGRATULATIONS! 😀

15 12 2008

sheesh. get a room. with yourself.

18 12 2008
Holly Christmas

Love the pics!! Both of you look great….what an adorable couple!! And Ashley is workin’ those heels! Congrats to you both!

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