The Awkward Years

24 11 2008

Just flipping through the pages of some my old yearbooks and came across some friends of mine… ah, the memories.

Larry Hubatka
, 10th grade. They really know how to party in California.

Wade Joye, 4th grade. First in line for the library reading day.

Meredith Brock, 7th grade. Straight A’s. And the vision of a hawk.

Wes Watson, 11th grade. Believed the bolo tie was an underrated fashion accessory.

Chris Brown, 12th grade. Took 3 girls to prom.

Mack Brock, 6th grade. Science Fair Runner-Up.

Geoff Schultz, Algebra II teacher. Ate 2 cupcakes for breakfast everyday.

Caleb Loffer, 5th grade. Spent a lot of time crying in the guidance counselor’s office.

*all photos from Sexy People, a photo blog that will waste your day.




5 responses

24 11 2008

Oh no! God, save those poor souls and ease the emotional battles they must fight daily.

24 11 2008

That is truly hilarious.

25 11 2008
Chris P.

Add up all the area in those lens, perhaps glasses could be made for a whole nation! I knew there was something under that facial hair Wes….little did we know it’s the bolo! Thanks Ryan, again you’ve reminded me just how old I am!

6 12 2008

This post is by far your best post ever. Laci laughed out loud really hard when she saw the pictures!

24 05 2010
katie brock

that photo looks exactly like mack looked when he was a kid.

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