Not Enough Ears to Handle the Jams

14 11 2008

Holy crap. After a few dry months, there has recently been a wicked log jam of good music coming down the pipe. Since a good chunk of these will make my Top 10 Albums of Year list, I’ll save the full reviews until then – for now enjoy the 12 words or less drive-thru reviews. And go.

Viva La HovaColdplay + Jay-Z
J works over melodies of Chris Martin like they owe him money.
Go Listen to This Now:
“The Reverse Fix”, “Life of Clocks”

Dear Science – TV On The Radio
Afro-art rock rarely ages this well or dances this hard.
Go Listen to This Now:
“Halfway Home”, “Golden Age”

Oceans Will Rise – The Stills
Sounds better than any album with a gold skull on it should.
Go Listen to This Now:
“I’m With You”, “Being Here”

A Hundred Million SunsSnow Patrol
Music that makes you want to save the day and remember it.
Go Listen to This Now:
“If There’s A Rocket Tie Me To It”, “Disaster Button”

Cardinology – Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Two parts alt-country, one part rock revival = all good ear candy.
Go Listen to This Now:
“Cobwebs”, “Born Into A Light”

Gossip In The Grain – Ray LaMontagne
The beareded love-son of Joe Cocker and Van Morrison does it again.
Go Listen to This Now:
“You Are The Best Thing”, “Let It Be Me”

The Rhumb Line – Ra Ra Riot
Let me get my indie rock with a side of cello. Thanks.
Go Listen to This Now:
“Too Too Too Fast”, “Can You Tell”

Only By The Night – Kings of Leon
Sounds like rock n’roll a few drinks in – for them and you.
Go Listen to This Now:
“Sex On Fire”, “Manhattan”

Perfect Symmetry – Keane
Finally seems like frontman Tom Chaplin’s glass is half-full.
Go Listen to This Now:
“Spiralling”, “You Haven’t Told Me Anything”


Acid Tongue – Jenny Lewis
Too electric to be folk, too sweet to be rock n’roll.
Go Listen to This Now:
“Acid Tongue”, “See Fernando”




3 responses

14 11 2008

I would agree with some of those…good choices…you’ve inspired me to post my own top 10 of the year…

18 11 2008
Chris Hill

I saw Jenny Lewis live here in Knoxville a couple of months ago. I had a box seat above the stage. She looked at me and pointed during “See Fernando”. It was magical.

20 11 2008
dave j.

nice quick reviews and I have heard a few of them. I am heading over to iTunes in about 20 seconds though to see if that Coldplay/Jay-Z is legit or if you are pulling a fast one with some sort of photoshopped album cover.

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