Well, That’s One Way To Get Your PSA Point Across

11 11 2008

Up in Canada, affectionately known as America’s hat, they apparently have a problem with on-the-job accidents.  Enough of a problem in fact, that they saw fit to make some of the most disturbing and unintentionally entertaining commercials ever. I’d be willing to bet something substantial that once you watch it, you’ll watch it again. And then tell whoever’s in the room to come watch it too. Don’t worry, I won’t judge. And please, try to be careful.




4 responses

11 11 2008
Candice Lanning

calling it disturbing would be an understatement. geez…i jumped on that first one!

11 11 2008

watching these with headphones…crazy…but there is nothing like our media director coming up tapping and tapping me on the shoulder in the middle of the second one…i jumped more!

12 11 2008
Meg Smith

That first one traumatized me, Sworth. YIKES

1 12 2008
Layne Madden

incredible. if only these would become a youtube phenom, the “There’s been an accident!” could be the next catch phrase in the collegiate lexicon.

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