Me and My Swing Vote

24 10 2008

Two candidates. 11 days left. And I’m at a stalemate.

I follow politics. I read the news. I stay away from cable news. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on this election and the candidates. But I’m stuck. I even did one of those “Answer these 20 questions and we’ll match you with a Presidential Candidate” quizzes. Like online dating for politics. And these are the results I got – a statistical dead heat:

I go back and forth practically every day on why one is better than the other and what issues are more important to me, and what I think America needs. And sometimes I even get jaded and think “What the crap – it doesn’t matter who I vote for, because my state is the reddest state in the country.” But my vote does matter if for nothing else than because it’s my right as an American – so I’m not going to forfeit that just because I’m having trouble picking a candidate. But where is it going to go? As Shawn Wood said, why do morals and life belong to the republicans and social justice to the democrats? Because I’m Pro-Life, am I forced to vote for someone who may or may not be capable of recovering the image and integrity of America? And would Jesus agree with nationalized heath care? See, these are just a few of the questions I ask myself. And I still don’t have a clear answer. The only thing I do know is that God is supreme and Almighty and he’ll still work and move, no matter the political landscape. And I have comfort and hope in that.

Oh and I do know that whatever happens in the election, SNL owes these two guys and that Alaskan lady it’s life.




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25 10 2008
Michael Sanchez

Here is a good article, maybe it can help you decide.

27 10 2008
Supreme Court

The entire make up of the Supreme Court will be decided in the next 4,maybe 8 years. This will have the same impact on the US as the last 40 years have had with an activist Supreme Court that gave us legalized abortion, took prayer out of school, etc… I’m not a McCain supporter but I know he will pick more conservative judges than Obama. That is the main reason. The Senate/House are the only ones that can introduce legislation, not the President. While he can veto, this will be overturned by the overwhelming Democratic Congress and Senate.

28 10 2008

PLEASE don’t tell your Dad if you decide to vote for Obama. Fair words from the other two comments.

28 10 2008

THANK YOU! I’m oddly relieved that I’m not the only progressive christian out there struggling to find a comfortable position! I’ve even begun to look at the Constitutional party’s candidate, Chuck Baldwin, out of desperation…
I won’t even consider giving up my vote. But what to do with it?….yah, I dunno?

3 11 2008

“Because I’m Pro-Life, am I forced to vote for someone who may or may not be capable of recovering the image and integrity of America?”

I agree, but what makes Obama any more capable of recovering the image and integrity of America? Obama has little to no previous record to show for this. McCain, while not the most conservative of choices, at least has a past performance to give some indication of future results. Better to pick someone whose record has been proven, good or bad, than someone whose track record is unclear; who knows where he really stands? That’s just risky and dangerous.

Also, McCain endured horrific treatment as a POW fighting for our freedom–that’s a picture of “the image and integrity of America.” While that doesn’t necessarily qualify one for President, what freedom has Obama really ever fought for? More often than not, it seems Obama seeks to take away some of those freedoms that makes America great!

I could go on and on and I’m not even a McCain fan per se; I’m just 100% unequivocally NOT a fan of Obama policy or convictions.

Do the “right” thing — VOTE McCain / Palin

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