Goodbye Old Friend

23 10 2008

Well my faithful Intrepid, Ron Burgundy, has finally kicked the bucket.  Here he is in an action shot. Sort of. He made it to a solid 150,001 miles before crossing the finish line of life. I even took a picture of the glorious departure – 150,000 miles and an engine light. Perfect.

Way to freakin’ go. Not to mention that this was no less than 10 days after I dropped 1200 buckeroos into it for some other unrelated ailments. Sigh.

So I went out to CarMax and dropped some coin on a new-in-2007 Honda Accord. Say hello to my new car (payment) – Wasabi. It’s no Delorean but I still like him. Here’s to a long life and good gas mileage.




One response

27 10 2008
david j.

Taking a photo of the speedometer while going 75 mph is quite a feat. It’s rather Evil-Kanievilish. It’s good to know that you lived to blog about it. Other than that, sweet Honda.

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