A Week Worth Writing For

14 10 2008

And I’m back. Just act like I was never gone and this will be a lot less painful and awkward. Moving on.

So there are some weeks in life where everything is pretty much same-old same-old and you go to work and you go home and things go well and you cut the grass and make your bed and you do it all again the next day.  And then there are those Hurricane Hugo/Terror Threat Red/F5 Tornado (what up Bill Paxton) type weeks where the stars align and everything falls into a four day whirlwind window.  Last week was one of those weeks. But in the best kind of way. The best. Here’s just a few of the highlights.

On Wednesday, we had a wicked sweet hoedown with some of the N Dub Young Life posse. Nothing beats a Wednesday night chock full of cricket spitting, bobbing for bass, EZ Cheez, moonpies and Cheerwine. And jorts. Plenty of jorts.

After that, I popped a few StayAwakeTM, brewed a pot of coffee and headed south for the red-eye drive to the ATL to attend the Catalyst Conference to watch some of the most inspiring Christian leaders and brilliant business minds in the country. The line-up read like a top 10 list for People I Want to Speak Into My Life Before I Die – Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Franklin Graham, Dave Ramsey,former Yahoo mastermind Tim Sanders, Jim Collins of Good to Great fame and marketing wiiizard Seth Godin, just to name a few. Oh and an up and coming Pastor from Moncks Corner, SC, that is making waves in the church world – Pastor Steven Furtick.  Seriously, Watching Pastor not only share the stage, but bring a crowd of 12,000 to their feet and to tears as he shared a God-annointed vision for their ministries was one of my most proud moments.  I am truly blessed to serve God at Elevation and am blown away by the way He has moved among a bunch of nobodies with an audacious faith and a courageous leader to reach a city far from Jesus.  It’s altogether fulfilling, humbling and exciting.

And following all of that fell one of my favorite days of the calendar year. That’s right folks – it’s birthday season for my hot lady. And man oh man does she deserve some special attention. She my favorite. For so many reasons. Happy Birthday Ashley Park – you have all my love. Forever.

Oh but that’s not where it ends. On Saturday one of my best friends for the past 2 decades and 3 years went and got married to a lady way out of his league. And I couldn’t be happier for him.  Matt Geib has been my amigo since we were 3 and, in the words of this guy, I’ve never seen him more happy than when he’s with Angela. Congratulations kids. I’m hoping he brings me a Jamacian bobsled souvenir from his honeymoon. But I’m not holding my breath.  Something tells me it may slip his mind.

And just for good measure, the Gamecocks won.

So there it is. One for the books. A freakin uber-week that no doubt I’ll tell my kids about. Whew.




2 responses

14 10 2008

I couldn’t agree more!

Great getting to spend the weekend with you and your Ash. We need to do that again ASAP

24 10 2008

Oh, Matt’s married! How wonderful! And you’re next, right?

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