Innovate ’08

19 09 2008

The past few days, my favorite Asian and the boss lady have been kicking it around South Bend, IN – home of the University of Notre Dame.  But that’s not all that’s there.  Here’s some more hot fax about South Bend:

» It is a twin city of Mishawaka, Indiana (side note: what actually qualifies you to be a twin city? I’ll be taking the first answer I hear as solid fact…)
» Schuyler Colfax, the 17th Vice President of the United States, is buried here.
» The Studebaker National Museum is here.
» The Potawatomi Zoo, Indiana’s oldest zoo is here.
» There is also a Houlihan’s near the hotel.
» Meredith also recommends the Varsity Club, a hotel for sports fans we almost stayed at, featuring life size football mannequins.

But contrary to popular belief, none of above attractions were the reason for our trip to heart of the Hoosier state.  We came for Innovate ’08, a creative church conference at Granger Community Church, not only a growing, mission minded church in the land of Lincoln, but also the church that produced strategy guru Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens of “Pop Goes the Church” fame.  It’s been a great time see new things and hear new ideas from the hot noggins of Shawn Wood from Seacoast Church and Bobby Gruenewald from, among others..  And almost like the icing on the funfetti cake, we got to hear Pastor Steven speak as well.  Its always great to hear him at a place other than Elevation because it helps put into perspective that what God is doing in Charlotte is making waves and inspiring people throughout the country.  It may sound cheeze-ball, but it really is a privilege to be a part of a movement that has purpose and is making an eternal impact. Now back to the south…




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19 09 2008

Hey, man. It was nice to meet you and your friends from Elevation there. I’ll keep up with yall through blogs now if that’s cool. Innovate was rad. Funny thing though…my friends were flying back to Mississippi from Chicago. But I am flying in the morn out of South Bend. So they were going to drop me at a hotel in SB. I saw yall at a stoplight in the lane next to us. It was Corby @ Niles.

Random but true…

22 09 2008
Michael Sanchez

Twin cities, thats an easy question to answer.

You see to be a twin city it takes a lot of effort, not only must the first founders of both cities have twins but their fathers must of been identical twins. This may seem like a lot of work for no reason, it was often seen as a sign to others that the founders of those cities mean to make their cities big. Also that the people living in the cities were very fertile…

An interesting side note, the first twin cities was Krakow and Fürth. The odd thing to note about these cities is that not only were the fathers identical twins, but so where the mothers, but the children didn’t look a thing like each other. In fact so much so that one of the twins, in Fürth, was fired from the farm he had been working after the owner found out about his heritage. It didn’t help the twin’s cause when the Farmer’s barn mysteriously burned down. To this day in Fürth, having twins is looked down upon as a ill omen, most people that have twin there, leave shortly after.

And that is the history of twin cities.

22 09 2008

and that is what I will believe. done.

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