25 08 2008

Well that was a week.

And we’ve been here before – back in January the Creative Dept had to pull out all the stops and work like mad – a little time we liked to call the Days O’ Death.  And now, we’re doing it all again. x10. We’ve been at it like mules for the past two weeks, and I think there’s probably another week or so left before we’re treading (not a word I can spell confidently for some reason) water again. But it’s all worth it.  And here’s why:

– We started the week last Sunday with an Evening of Worship at McGlohon Theatre the way-too-cool-for-school venue that is the home of our Elevation Uptown campus.  That same night, we also began a Daniel Fast, 21 days of fasting from basically everything you like to eat – say goodbye to meat, cheese, dairy, flour, sugar, caffeine, preservatives.  Say hello to a world of fruits, veggies, rice cakes, and corn meal. And millet. Which I think are the tiny beads in shotgun shells… It’s been a great time of cleansing and focusing and prayer though, and it’s exciting anticipating the things God is going to do this fall.

– We put on a crazy two-night student event called Awakening: Students… Me and Jared put together some cool promotional stuff and a rad website treasure hunt.  Check it out here. And at the end of it all Saturday, over 170 students had given their hearts to Jesus over the weekend.

– We launched the much-heralded Elevation Uptown campus to overwhelming success… 580 people at the first worship experience. A whole new world for a gypsy church that meets in high schools and senior centers. Crazy delicious.

– We kicked-off our biggest and most important series of the fall, The Gospel – 3 weeks of intense teaching and prayers for the salvation of our lost friends. It also featured yours truly whirling boxes on a giant rubix cube-like object during “Viva La Vida.”

Yeah, I may have been worn out and pushed hard and stretched thin, but at the end of the week, over 600 people made decisions for Christ between Awakening: Students and the first week of the Gospel series, a number that is so much greater than any of the exhaustion I felt at the end of yesterday.  Which was a lot. Let’s do it again…

*photos courtesy of Sean Lyon, Christy Collins.




2 responses

25 08 2008

Dude, That’s freaking awesome. Congrats on all the hard work. It looks great.
Two things. I just wasted a lot of time on the are you awake website. I think I should be recieving a cd soon. Second, I notice a spiffy little binder on the desk hidden picture of you. Does that warrant a reward?

Congrats again mang!

26 08 2008

This is interesting, thanks.

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