On The 1’s and 2’s…

15 08 2008

As summer comes wandering to a close, here are a few of the hot jams I’ve had on repeat recently.  The rest of your senses are gonna get jealous once you let ears take it all in.  Enjoy.

Sleepercar – West Texas
– I saw these guys with the Old 97’s a few weeks back, and while I didn’t know the band, I did recognize a face. This is the alt-country (more alt than country) side project of Jim Ward (of At the Drive-In/Sparta fame) and while still embracing Ward’s signature melancholy, this feels a lot more Texas than any of his previous work – some pedal steel here and there, some brushy backbeats, and general sense of open endedness that makes the whole better than its parts. This seems like a CD you’d listen to from start to finish as you catch your breath and drive through the night.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
– I think I got on this bandwagon seconds before it was the thing to do. At least I’ll tell myself that. And we all know there are more sad-guy singer-songwriters out there than coffeeshops, but then there are songs like “Skinny Love” restoring your hope in the messy broken heart, and songs like “Re:Stacks” that, even after clocking in at almost 7 minutes, feel too short and you start it over again before the last note is done.  More rough around the edges than Iron & Wine and more believable than Dashboard at his most vulnerable – it’s just plain good.

Avett Brother – Second Gleam
– Not a whole lot needs to be said about this most recent release from Concord’s favorite sons – this is the closing chapter of their pre-mainstream success – just Scott and Seth and eight pensive, personal songs away from the hubbub of their scatter-shot punk/country half breed sound.  A brief and sincere pause to remember the memories.  And a line like “Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name” makes you feel both pride for your family and guilt for not thinking about it sooner.

Black Kids – Partie Traumatic
– Imagine if The Cure had been tapped to do all the proms in those John Hughes teen flicks. This sounds like a sweaty dance floor – in a good way.  Some great, synthy power-pop for the first and last of those hot summer nights.

Oh and in case you’re lazy and/or forgetful, Elevation Worship‘s new album We Are Alive is still as good as ever and now even better – because its on iTunes. Go. Buy It. Now.




8 responses

15 08 2008

hey, what was that band of sisters we listened to last weekend?

15 08 2008

Tegan & Sara

10 09 2008

Oh Crap….The Avett Brothers are just down to one single brother now????…Not cool…especially since they just signed on to do a new record…

10 09 2008

oh…and black kids suck by the way…

10 09 2008

you’ve been reading way too much pitchfork…

10 09 2008

jforte: you’re kind of a jackass haha. oh and Pitchfork sucks – they didn’t even like the Black Kids… who are awesome by the way.

And I’ve made said adjustment, and added the other brother (we’ll say it was Seth… Scott runs that show…)

15 09 2008

Whoa – not sure what the pic is for the Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago album, but it really doesn’t resemble what I remember the cover looking like ? You may want to check it out dude. Not sure if that’s even PG13 ?

15 09 2008

@elevationrocks holy crap yeah I don’t remember that being the cover either… rough stuff. thanks for the heads up!

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