July In Review, Part B.: Meanwhile, At the Office…

8 08 2008

So here’s the deal – outside of these guys, my office is the best place to come to work everyday. I wake up every morning and say “There is nowhere else I’d rather go to work.” Actually, maybe this place too. But nonetheless, here’s a few of the things we got ourselves into in July – and as soon as they would happen, I’d say “I’m putting that on the blog.” Well, thanks to my procrastination, today is that day. Let the memories begin…

– Like the time we found out that the Baskin Robbins Heath Bar shake was the most unhealthy thing you could ever drink – 2,100 calories, 100+ grams of fat… you could throw down on a box of Heath bars (not the fun size – we’re talking 11 full size…) and still not have the same caloric intake. So, upon finding this out we immediately went out and bought little 100 lb Caleb one. And he drank it. And then we played 4 Square.

He should have thrown up. Instead he gained 5 pounds.

– Or the time I ordered a poster from the Bruce Springsteen store and they sent me an XXL shirt instead… so Chris Brown turned it into his office nighty…

– Or the time we found a turtle in the street and built him a ranch and named him Henri.

– And then there was the time when Jared the intern and I drove ice cream trucks around on a Sunday and gave away dreamcicles. No, really.

That’s not a joke.

– And we can’t forget about the trip to New York (the state, not the city) with L Star and Pastor Steven for the Generation Conference, where we hung out with the illustrious Gareth Gilpin, ate breakfast with Pastor Craig Groeschel, and rode around all weekend with  Bill the Driver – the world’s biggest “Monday Night Football” fan (the song, not the show) who told us warm Diet Coke would turn into both poison and plastic…

Pastor Steven with Bill the Driver. He was awesome.

– And finally there was the time when a volunteer spilled Sprite on a MacBook and, after shedding tears at the Mac Store when they said it was toast, we trashed it in the parking lot.  Watch and enjoy.

And there it is… you can send your application for employment here or here or here.




One response

10 08 2008
Michael Sanchez

One, that drink Caleb has is from Dunkin’ Donuts not Baskin Robbins.
Second, that picture of Jared may keep me away from ice cream trucks forever. Its down right creepy.
And third, that wouldn’t have been the old macbook from ekidz would it? 😉

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