July In Review, Part A.: Birthday Bonanza

7 08 2008

oh man. i’m just chock full of empty promises. Not only did I not deliver on a blog about New York and what not, I just totally bypassed the blog completely last week. But July is over, and so is the blog-light summer (I thought it was just June… but oh no – with all the promise July began with, it fizzled and fell with a thud like a cheap firework). So I thought I’d take the week to catch you up on July – beginning with the best part – my birthday. It’s actually not officially over – my birthday buddy and I have both set a deadline for August 12 as the official end of the Watson-Sworth birthday season… go ahead and get your late gifts in now. But I did in fact turn 25 – which means I’m a freakin’ quarter century. Here’s your non-silver lining – I’m closer to 50 than 0. Sheesh. Moving on.

So my birthday was probably better than yours. I’m just saying. That is unless your birthday included skydiving, PF Changs, Maggiano’s, a GPS named Ivan, a fishbowl you can hang on the wall, a gun that shoots plastic cats, a hammock, both a carrot and confetti cake (not in the same cake, that’d be gross), a giant barrel of facebook love, a few days at the beach, bacon cheeseburgers, all sorts of books, music and movies from the coolest sisters known to man, Big Bob GIbon’s BBQ and some quality time with the loves of my life – my familia, my amigos and my hot lady. Go ahead, I’ll allow you time to seeth in your jealousy. Here’s some visual support to get that going:

me and the littlest Sworth – throwing up gang signs.  We’re pretty rough and tumble…

me and the hot lady, beachin’ it in Edisto.

kayaking on the marsh, pro-style.

suiting up for the big jump with Gene.

the birthday boys and their respective ladies.

post the 60 second, 9,000 ft. free-fall.

it looks like we just saved the world from an alien invasion – a la Jeff Goldblum.

Not a bad way to kick start your 25th year. Buckets of thank you’s to everyone who made it the best one yet. Consider Part A of the July Wrap-Up done. Tune in tomorrow for Part B. No seriously. I mean it this time.




3 responses

7 08 2008
elizabeth morgan

Way to rock the KC Royals hat.

7 08 2008
Michael Sanchez

Skydiving!?! I am so jealous.

15 08 2008

that is one sweeeet birthday. hope this year completely rocks for you! : )

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