Creative Olympics: The Sportscenter Update

16 07 2008

Well it’s half-time at the Creative Olympics – or whatever time it would be after 2 of 3 events… do they pause after the second period in a hockey game?  If they do, this is that.

And just to re-cap the events thus far, I took event #1 like it was candy from an infant – and my opponent, who actually owns an infant, took the silver, and complained the whole way home because he didn’t know he could use photo or linkage support.  His loss.  Point, Agassi.

So on day #2, Captain Lamefest attempts to bounce back by trying to pass off some bad Weird Al-esque rhymes and a hip hop soundtrack as a slogan for a high end walker.  Funny? Sure.  Accurately targeted? Absolutely. If he were drunk and blindfolded. But apparently it was enough – and in a controversial decision, the winner by an apparent coin-flip was Bobby Lamerade. I really just blame classes like Consumer Behavior and Promotions Management for my loyalty to aiming for the target market – because true creativity is at its best when it operates within given parameters and still achieves innovation.  Just ask Houdini.  And you can brush up on target markets here if you’re still unsure.

So that leaves it all tied up at 1, setting the stage for a grand finale on Friday.  Some conspiracy theorists believe that the second event’s results were rigged in order to build antipication for said main event.  They also believe we didn’t land on the moon and that JFK was assassinated by Elvis and Marylin Monroe.  But I think this time, they might be on to something…




One response

23 07 2008

Congrats on the win, I think you found your calling. And if that falls through you’ve always got air guitar…

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