If Its the Beaches

9 07 2008

So I’m taking the last half of the week off to head down to Edisto for some beach time with the familia and the lady.  We’re getting back Friday, just in time for the birthday of a certain producer-extraordinaire and yours truly.  So if this week feels a little better than most weeks, you now know why.  We’ll also be renting one of these for the big day…

don’t try and stop us.  Maybe if you’re nice, we’ll even invite you to our moon bounce party.  Just make sure you take off your shoes.

* p.s. today’s blog title is inspired by these guys, and their recent announcement that they have signed to American Records and will subsequently be recording their next album with Rick Rubin. America, say hello to the Avetts.




One response

10 07 2008
J Morgan

It has been quite a treat browsing your blog. You have done the hard work of sifting through the stupidity of the internet and finding some true gems. I will join you on a quest to 20,000 hits and blog celebrity. Then I can say “we shoveled dirt together”.

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