Blogging for the Blogless

28 06 2008

Apparently June has become my unofficial month of blog vacation… the internet equivalent to sunburn and slip n’ slides. But good news is around the corner. July starts Tuesday.  And being that July is the greatest month in the calendar year, there is never a better time to get back to blogging.  But that’s Tuesday. And today is only Saturday.  So here’s a few things to hold you over until then.

1. Watch this commercial from an insurance company in WA.
Take that crappy local commercials.

2. Go listen to Sigur Ros’ new record, Med sud I eyerum vid spilum endalaust.  Yeah, it’s amazing. Yeah, that’s really what it’s called.  No, you shouldn’t try to say it, you’ll just feel silly.

3. Go find some cash so you can buy the new Elevation Worship album, We Are Alive, on July 6. If you’re short on cash, hit this guy up.

4. Visit my roommate Josh’s blog.  He’s just getting started after a year hiatus.  Show him some love.

5. Go play Magic Pen.  And get ready to waste the next 2 hours.  Call Larry at the Magic Pen Hotline if you get stumped. Or just go play Bloody Penguin Baseball instead.

There. That should do it. See you Tuesday.




2 responses

29 06 2008

I am super excited to get the new elevation worship cd! Have you heard it yet?

3 07 2008

Wow. I’m pretty good at that Magic Pen game! Made it all the way to Level 10. And my personal best score (per level)? 115. Yep. Be glad I’m not an engineer!

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