What I Did On My Summer Vacation

19 06 2008

Oh hello there.  Yeah, I know, I’ve been a little neglectful slash busy recently – getting ahead on work before going out of town, going out town, getting back and catching up from going out of town… you know how it goes – same song, different verse.  But I’m finally back to a point where I have time to catch up on the old bloggity-blog.  So like I said a little earlier, I was up in Virginia at Rockbridge with some of my Young Life fellas. Check out some choice hot pics…

Northwestern Young Life – lookin’ oh so good.

Sock Hop Night

Volleyball Tourney

Me and Javon

Those weeks are YL summer camp are altogether the most refreshing and tiring weeks of my life.  I freakin’ love it.  Young Life reaches kids where there at – at all their awkward points of high school, full of girls and mistakes and peer pressure and sports and parents and everything that pulls for their attention and desires.  It puts the gospel in a beautiful place that leaves denominations and disagreements and the whole religion aspect of Christianity at the door, presenting Jesus as the loving, just, forgiving Savior He is – all in the face of our sinful separation from God.  And it does it in a place that gives them a chance to be kids again. It makes it all worth being a Young Life leader – watching your friends wrestle with this new way to see a loving Jesus beyond the Bible belt. It’s just plain awesome. They really are some of the best weeks of my life. Plus its a great place to set that tan base for the summer. Yeah dog..




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