The Hads and The Hads Nots

4 06 2008

There are way too many reasons for me to list why my job is better than your job (unless you are one of these or host a show like this) – but one of them is people I get to spend the working hours with – especially that Chris Brown fella (no, not that one). Yesterday he and Caleb played me like fiddle, resulting in this picture:

Zing. Read about my alleged “friends” here.

and while I’m still in the planning phase of Death Strike ’08: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold, I documented the opening act here. Enjoy.

Man, I love my job.




2 responses

4 06 2008

Wow, they got ya! Not to mention the face you are making in that picture. They couldn’t have chosen a better phrase! I love ya Ryan!

4 06 2008

Ahhhh – you’ve been had!!! I laughed out loud when I saw that.. way to go Chris and Caleb!

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