For the Reading Averse

29 05 2008

It’s been a blog-less week thus far do to a shortened work week, followed by an off-site staff meeting, all while trying to finish up one of favorite projects ever as well as all the design work for June. I don’t have time to get into why I’m doing all my June work in a 3 day work week, but I will later. How’s that for blog bait?

At any rate, since I haven’t had time to write much, I figured I’d give you something to watch to hold you over until the weekend. Unless you live in the woods or you’ve been in Panama on vacation, you’ve probably seen the new Apple/Coldplay commercial… which has quickly risen in the ranks to one of my all-time favorite commercials, if for nothing else that it being pure eye-candy. Plus, it features the song I talked about here – a deadly one/two punch. Watch in now… then wipe the drool off your shirt.

And after seeing that, it made me think of 2 other commercials I’ve seen recently that have cemented my faith in the beauty of creativity and execution, both in very different ways.

Honda filmed this commercial with no computer animation. It took them over 600 attempts over several weeks. Physics has never looked so good.

and in a follow-up to my favorite commercial of all-time (this actually may be a spin-off… I’m a little unsure of the terminology here…) Sony delivers another surreal ad for Japanese electronics that makes me want to simultaneously love life and buy a camera.




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29 05 2008

One thing you may or may not know about Panama City is that they do in fact still have televisions there. I know this because 1) I was forced to watch several hours of American Idol and 2) I saw the said advert while watching American Idol which seemed to be 10 minutes of commercials for every 3 minute song.

30 05 2008

All I’m sayin is make smoke come out of MY hands one day, and I’ll love you forever.

30 05 2008
Daniel Sircar

epic. there’s no other way to describe it.

3 06 2008

The Coldplay commercial is one of my favorites too, it is really amazing. So, are you still going to see them play? Do you know how much the tickets are? My friend told me the show in Dallas was $90! That seems like alot to me probably because I’m cheap and I would also have to pay for a plane ticket. So I’m thinking maybe it would be better to see them somewhere closer..

1 07 2008

speaking of your favorite commercial ever, the Sony Bravia commercial, I love the music for that song. Jose Gonzalez is great!

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