All The Small Things, Part C.

9 05 2008

The finale.

If you’re lost, scroll down.  If you’re lazy, click here.  Then go for a jog.  You bum.

– Chick-fil-a’s Face to Face Ordering.
So its no secret that I’m biased here, but the other day I was introduced to just one more reason to never want fast food from anywhere else.  When I pulled up into the drive thru line, there were several employees standing in the parking lot, with laminated menus, hand sanitizer wipes and radios.  They were greeting customers, taking orders and removing any variable of ordering frustration.  It had nothing to do with the food – which they’ve seemingly perfected – but had everything to do with the experience.  All three of these examples had to do with adding value to the customer experience, giving me a reason outside of the product or service to remember them, tell everyone else about them, and use them again. It’s given me a new perspective on living as well – what are the little things I can do outside of what I’m supposed to do, to make an impact or more importantly, give other a reason to remember who I represent.

And for putting up with this weeks different sort of blog posts, here’s a little throwback for you. You’re such a trooper.




2 responses

12 05 2008
Allison Fowler

I LOVED your 3 installments of “All the Small Things”! The Blink182 video rocked, too.

13 05 2008

chic-fil-a will always be the best fast food place in my heart. and you’ve just inspired me to go there, so i think i will. 🙂

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