All The Small Things, Part B.

8 05 2008

Round 2. Go.

– Customer Service. Not long ago, I was cruising the information super highway, looking for some pens we could engrave with a logo.  I came across who had a redonkulous selection of not only pens, but every other thing you could think to plaster a logo on – bags, fans, baseballs, aprons, fondue sets, stud detectors, and the like.  So I figured a place with this much stuff would be very much just a one-stop-shop machine – rolling though customer orders, printing logos on anything with a distinguishable surface and shipping it out.  But less than 7 minutes after registering for an account so I could be preview my logo on items in their easy-to-use product quote section, I received a phone call from my personal rep, asking me if I had any questions, asking about why I needed what I needed to make sure that it was the best selection for me, and asking me what else she could help me with – never trying to pressure me into even ordering with them, let alone trying to get me to upgrade my product.  It left me with a great first impression and the comfort having a real person to go with a faceless, and potentially overwhelming website.  Needless to say, I order from them again yesterday – Elevation dog sweaters.  Not really.  But I could if I wanted to.




One response

25 06 2008

Totally use and have since I started running my festival 3 years ago. No one, not even local screen shops, can beat their customer service. Rad.

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