All The Small Things, Part A.

7 05 2008

We just got done with a series at church called “Small is the New Big” about the little things in our lives that make a big impact. And its a pretty difficult idea for an ADD person like me to grasp, because my natural inclination is to see the big picture, the finished product, the forest from the trees, whatever you want to call it. I call it my excuse for never paying enough attention to the details. This is the main reason I’m a terrible cook. And a terrible splinter-taker-outer. But what champions of the “big picture” like me tend to forget is that its the details that separate the good from the great and the usual from the memorable. So I’ve been making a conscious effort to look for the little things that I see others doing, whether its people, companies, restaurants, whatever, and the bigger impression they leave. Here’s the first (in a three part series – hows that for whetting your appetite…)

Lake Park Family Practice. I’ll start here, because this would be the one where people could have the best arugement that only small companies have time to focus on the small things. I’m not sure exactly how many patients they have here, so it may not be as small as I think. Either way, when I had my death plague sinus infection a few months back, I finally broke down and went to the doctor a block from our office. It was clean and the people were nice. Both things you hope for from a doctor’s office. And I didn’t have to wait that long – triple whammy. But it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized the real attention paid to patient care – when I received a phone call from the same doctor I had seen the day before – not even the receptionist – asking me if got my prescriptions filled and if I was feeling any better. Maybe this is common practice – I don’t go to the doctor enough to know – but it was this 1 minute phone call that sold me. Not to mention the hand written card I got from the same doctor a week or two later, thanking me for my visit. And now, even if one day our offices move – you can bet dollars to pesos that I’m going to make the hour-ish drive from Rock Hill up Lake Park to get better.




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7 05 2008

I loved the “small is the new big” series! I was very inspired afterwards, I love it when you go to a church service and God uses the pastor to speak directly to you and your life situations. I think it’s so great that the doctor called you back, that doesn’t happen alot, believe me.

9 05 2008
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