Worth A 1,000 Words

30 04 2008

So I wasn’t up front, but I also got there 5 hours later than the first people in line. There was a barricade between us and them once we got inside. But hey, I’ll take 20ish rows back in exchange for getting there at 6. And yes, it was, as one guy standing next to me said before it started – “The concert you compare all other concerts to for the rest of your life.”  22 songs and 2 and half hours later, I fully agreed.




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30 04 2008
Daniel Sircar

That’s friggin’ awesome.

1 05 2008

what band is this? because the best show i’ve ever been to was coldplay and i don’t think anyone could ever beat that! 🙂

1 05 2008

Jennifer, I don’t want to sound like a music snob, but Bruce Springsteen owns Coldplay. And I love Coldplay. I saw them with Rilo Kiley two years ago. But there is just too much musical legacy with the Boss. So many artists have been influence by his music – including Coldplay. Coldplay – great. Bruce Springsteen – legendary.

2 05 2008

Now, I don’t want to say anything against “the boss”, especially since we’ve just been newly introduced…but the Josh Ritter show last night…prob one of the top 5 shows I’ve ever attended (SoulFly & Stars top that list as well). And to be honest, that Coldplay show with Rilo Kiley was good but I’m a fan of smaller venues…

2 05 2008

I had all the best intentions of going to Josh Ritter last night – I bet it was incredible. I also am a fan of smaller venues – my only favorite outdoor amphitheater shows are the fun ones in the summer – John Mayer, Counting Crows/Goo Goo Dolls, Tom Petty this summer – but the smaller shows, when I can get close to stage and sing along – those are the best.

6 05 2008

ok ok.. i’ll agree w/ you on the legendary part.. 🙂 so i’m new to the area, where are all the cool places to go see shows? you saw john mayer? how was that?

4 02 2009
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[…] then of course there was the half-time show. If you know me at all, you know how I feel about The Boss. So you could say I was a little excited with the 12 minutes of musical wonder that was Bruce […]

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