Head ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out

29 04 2008

the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming – its that time of year again – moving time.  Myself, and my roommate of the past 7 years, Josh, do this every year or so, so its beginning to be a fairly natural occurrence (this will be our 6th move… bunch of vagrants…)  We’re moving out of our super-sweet lake cabana, for the more reasonably-priced and geographically-convenient little yellow number you see below.

not too much to look at, but she’s got a lot of moxie.  she’ll do just fine.

And every time I move I realize how much crap I really do have and how much of it I really don’t need.  I keep telling myself that this year will be different, and I’ll throw out a bunch of stuff, and get rid of a bunch of clothes and simply my living – but I’m too friggin sentimental.  So I keep all of it.  And I’m sure I’ll add more to it.  It’s a vicious, unending cycle I hear – at least until you get married.  I also would drive the organized and OCD crowd crazy with my gypsy-like moving techniques – I packed our whole kitchen up into Wal Mart bags, and I ran out of luggage to back my clothes in so I threw a bunch on the bed, grabbed the sheet corners – and ta da, insta-luggage.

So we’re most of the way out, minus a few pieces of furniture and some straggling leftovers.  Tonight’s the first night in the new house – and tomorrow is another day.




3 responses

30 04 2008

Do I smell a housewarming party????

1 05 2008

that is exactly what you smell (:

1 05 2008

What exactly does a house warming party smell like. I need to know, because i am assuming that it will be the same smell for an invitation… And that’s what I want to smell for…

This might be my worst comment ever… I am sorry for that!

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