The Day The Music Died

21 04 2008

So if you weren’t already aware, a month or two back my MacBook hard drive kicked the bucket. I lost everything – about 2 weeks of work, which I was able to tap dance around, a bunch of photos and what not. But the biggest heart loss had to my music library. See, music ranks right up there with food on the level-of-importance-in-my-life scale. And even though I had it all backed up on my iPod, I didn’t have an iPod cable handy for a few days following Black Friday. Say hello to the information superhighway – you’re friendly neighborhood jukebox that will never let you down. Here are a few of my favorite places to get that sweet, hot, quick music fix – because I know you need it. And if you don’t, fake it for a few seconds and humor me.

Project Playlist – The Myspace of free music. A little too ad-flashy and a little too spotty on it’s reliability, but probably the best place to hunt down that new Lil’ Wayne jam (by the way, go listen to ‘Shooter’ – its legit). An easy, quick fix for hearing that song thats been stuck in your head all day.

Rhapsody* – This one sort of has an asterisk because it’s not free. But it’s pretty brilliant – its the radio version of Netflix – music on demand for a flat rate. And they have a lot of music. A lot. You can’t download it, but you can access your account from any computer and you can build enough playlists to shake a stick at. It used to be a secret until they starting rolling some Sara Bareilles-fueled ads and now they’re blowing up. It’s easily the best place to hear The Boss’s entire catalog or see if you really like all of that new Gnarls Barkley record.

Pandora – This is radio made just for you. Really. I’m talking some smart MIT brain trust sort of stuff – I mean, this thing even claims to be part of the Music Genome Project – that just sounds smart. Type in an artist. Or even a song. And Pandora will make a seemingly endless playlist of songs by that artist and related artists they think you’d like. Ta-da. Your radio just got a brain. And some good taste if you play your cards right.

Muxtape – If Project Playlist is the Myspace of free music, then Muxtape is that cool friend of yours who tells you about wicked bands you won’t hear in the mainstream for years – or ever. And not in the overbearing, “you should love this or you’re retarded” kind of way. It’s stupid easy to use (both in listening and mixtape-making). Plus, with nothing more than a username and colored bar to guide you, you’re almost always guaranteed to find something you haven’t heard before. So find something you like and talk about it all hifalutin-like with your buddies like you’ve known about The Apples in Stereo for years. Muxtape is apparently also super illegal, so hit this up before its too late.

There’s probably more sites out there I don’t know about, so let me know if I’m missing something vital. But in the event that you find yourself on a musical island all alone, hopefully this can a be a rescue flare. Or maybe its a message in a bottle – I’m not sure how the metaphor works.




One response

23 04 2008
Ryan Hartsock

Love Muxtape…a great little idea. My buddies and I have been throwing mixes out at each other.

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