Get Your Starbore On

16 04 2008

That boyishly good looking Chris Brown, contrary to popular belief of teen girls every where, is more than just a pretty face. He just released a self-titled album from his side project Starbore and man, its freakin good. And no I’m not just saying that because I designed the album art. This is power-pop goodness that is handmade for open-window morning drives to work. In the vein of Snow Patrol, Needtobreathe, Mae and Sleeping At Last, this EP is full of ambitious stadium-sized choruses, soaring vocals and hooks galore. And the more chill tracks like “Orchestration” and “Forget the Past” aren’t a letdown, but more like a breather before the next big crescendo around the corner.

So if you like your ears and want to keep them happy, go buy this album. There are all sorts of place to get your hands on it: listen to it here or here or even here, or buy it digitally here or here, or if you need to feel the music on your fingertips, buy a hard copy here. You can also get it Sunday mornings at Elevation’s resource table (which just happens to be run by my hot lady and one half of my favorite husband-wife volunteer superpower).




3 responses

17 04 2008

Yo thanks for the love. this is best sounding review ever. you’re so eloquent.

21 04 2008

you have a man crush on chris brown.

21 04 2008

good review there ryan. i echo your review.

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