Don’t Rock The Jukebox

4 04 2008

Maybe its because Spring is almost in the air (she’s trying hard but Winter doesn’t seem to want to let go…). Maybe its because I got my Bruce Springsteen ticket in the mail this week. Whatever it is, I’ve been be-bopping to some sweet Boss-style alt-country americana stuff this week. Here’s some of the recent heavy rotation. You should listen in:

Kevin Drew – “Lucky Ones”
Whiskeytown – “Jacksonville Skyline”
Jesse Malin – “NY Nights”
Emily Haines – “Telethon”
Neil Finn – “She Will Have Her Way”
Counting Crows – “You Can’t Count On Me”
Damien Jurado – “Matinee”

And let me know if I’m missing out on anything…




2 responses

4 04 2008

Yay for Springsteen tickets!! 🙂 Gonna be sooooo fun!

p.s. this comment is proof that I do indeed read your blog…

5 04 2008

I knew we were friends for a reason. Ive been listening to stranger’s almanac circa early whiskeytown all week. Gooood choices hombre. Goooood choices.

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