The Best Things In Life Are Free… Especially When Its Rock N Roll

30 03 2008

Its Sunday. The day I usually spend in a coma after the 10-hour church day. Maybe a nap, some Small Group, go to bed early. But not tonight. No amount of tiredness could keep me away from Amos’ South End, where one of my all-time favorite bands was not only playing, but playing for free. For some reason, tonight the stars aligned in Charlotte, and Jimmy Eat World, in front of a packed house, blistered through an hour+ set of new jams (‘Big Casino’, ‘Dizzy’, ‘Here It Goes’), old favorites (‘Crush’, ‘Your New Aesthetic’, ‘For Me This Is Heaven’) and everything in between – and I didn’t have to pay a dime (though I’d like for it to be known that I would have paid a potentially un-Godly amount for these tickets…).  Wade and I got some free tickets from Alltel and 106.5 and stood in line for an hour in the very un-April-like cold to make sure we got in. And we did. And there were free nachos and free hot dogs. And free rock n’ roll. And really loud guitars. Only five rows deep, dead center. Sweet dreams aren’t this good. And now my right ear is popping like it’s in the mountains. I’m going to sleep like an infant tonight. Go ahead, bask in your jealousy.  You’re allowed.




2 responses

31 03 2008

Consider me jealous!

1 04 2008

i’m pretty insanely jealous ry ry

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