March Badness ’08*

26 03 2008

Yep. It’s that time of year. And my bracket is in relative shambles. One of these days I won’t let my dumb loyalties pick Winthrop into the Sweet 16, but I just don’t see that day in the near future. And of course there is the usual office bracket pool (I’m in a not-so-distant 4th place… I’ve got them right where I want them). But by now you’ve realized that we’re not your typical office. We can’t just leave it at that. Nope. Enter the first annual March Badness 2-on-2 Basketball Tournament – a brutal struggle between good (mine and Larry’s team, The Paper Tigers) and evil (everyone else). We started off strong, landing the #1 seed by winning the free-throw contest and getting a first round bye. And when we started our first game against Mack “Grant Hill” Brock and Chris “Rebecca Lobo” Brown, we went on a NBA Jam-like tear, scoring 5 of the first 7 points. Cue the downward spiral. And the subsequent controversial foul call to end the game. And the stunning first round loss. And then the even more controversial (and still pending investigation) championship game featuring a questionable “take-back” by Chunks “The Walking Asterik” Corbett. Only the best tournaments are shrouded in this type of scandal. But for now, we’ll let Chunks and John keep their Championship crown – a hot new pair of Starburys from Steve & Barrys (retail $8.98). Start the slideshow…

The Paper Tigers – We’ve stolen cars and burned down multiple buildings.

We may not have won, but we sure did look good losing – thanks to L Star for the headgear and official NBA wrist band and shooting sleeve.

Wes was lights-out in Game 1, single-handedly bringing his team back from 10 down just to lose in the final seconds. But Wes can’t dunk. Twice.

They call me the Iron Curtain.

Chunks spells win c-h-e-a-t.

The winners*

And on a related side track, check out this NC local news stations highlights from the Duke-Belmont game. Brilliant.

ps. Thanks to Candice for the sweet photo work. While she may be the mortal enemy of CS4, she holds it down.




3 responses

27 03 2008

I am proud of the iron curtain, even if you only got an inch and a half off the ground. Thank goodness you are a giant!

27 03 2008
Candice Lanning

First of all…hilarious on Chunks ‘win=c-h-e-a-t’….and thanks for the props…even if you hate on me…


2 04 2008
Chris P.

I do not remember the last time I have seen such a collection of flourescent tans in one photograph. Props to Candice for getting this picture recorded for historical purposes. Then to mention the look on John’s face holding Chunks’ shoe!!!! Classic

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