10K… They Grow Up So Fast…

20 03 2008

I know, I know – there’s a lot going on right now – March Madness is off and running, Easter is in 3 days & we had a wicked 2-on-2 basketball tournament at work today. I’m going to cover all of that shortly – as soon as Candice sends me some of her hot photo work from today. But first, I have to toot my horn a little. And what better way to celebrate a new domain name that crossing the 10,000 blog views milestone.

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’m some sort of dorky blog celebrity or anything – I’m not even some C-list Surreal Life blog celebrity – but I do think it’s pretty cool – especially considering that for the first year of this thing, I only had 2, 200 views, most of which were my mom or some other relative. For those non-math fans like myself, that means there were 7,800 in the past 8 months. Wicked. So here’s to you, bored/procrastinating blog reader, I owe it all to you.




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