Taking Off the Training Wheels

18 03 2008

Guess who just got a big-boy blog today? Yep, me. Bingo.

Beginning today, you can now get here on the information super-highway at www.ryansworth.com  – so update your favorite bookmarks list.

What’s that? You want something more?  How about some trivia.  How about where does ‘Ryan Sworth’ come from?  Well, I owe it all to Mike.  Mike and I used to work together at Chick-fil-a in high school.  We did all sorts of awesome stuff that should have got us fired.  Actually, I think Mike did get fired.  But not before he decided that ‘Hollingsworth’ wasn’t a cool enough last name for me – so he shortened it to Sworth; the ‘Holling’ is silent.  Apparently he was right because it caught on and soon my nametag even said Ryan S.  And when Ryan Smith started working there later that summer, he wasn’t Ryan S. – he was just Ryan.  And when my sister started working there the next spring and she became Katie S.  And so the Sworth’s were born.  So there it is. Trivia done.




One response

18 03 2008

Congrats on the “big boy” domain name. 🙂

Brad Ruggles

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