Unleash ’08: Moustache Bonanza

15 03 2008

This past Thursday, we took the posse up to Newspring Church in Anderson, SC to attend their one day conference – Unleash. There were 150 of us (roughly 8% of the whole conference) and we rolled up there in style with matching teal t-shirts. I knew it was going to be a good day when we pulled out of the parking lot at 6 AM on a bus that looked a lot like the tour bus from Almost Famous and our bus driver, Mr. Graham, popped in Rambo: First Blood. That lasted about 5 minutes, but it set the stage for a great day. Here’s a few of the highlights, and some photo accompaniment.

Perry did a great job. It’s amazing how God works though a bunch of rednecks on the outskirts of Greenville. That’s not an insult either. These guys are awesome and they love Jesus and they don’t claim to know everything – but they give what they have and it has helped a lot of churches, including Elevation.

– The first break out session I went to was with the flamboyant Tony Morgan, on Blogging and Communications (with help from Joshua Blankenship). I got singled out a few times – once as one of the few unmarried people in the session (for the purpose of giving out some pick-up line advice…) and the second for having an allegedly good blog (thanks Phillip…). Tony gave out some good blogging tips, as well as reasons why we shouldn’t own a Chevy Lumina if we have sexy wives.

– After some tasty Chick-fil-a for lunch, Larry and I hijacked the lunch tent sound system for some sweet Der Kommissar action and a good old fashion Rick Roll. Thats how we operate…

– Our second breakout session was with Ken Wilson, on Motion Graphics and Video. A bunch of helpful stuff – plus Larry, E to the P and I had more fun twittering on the big screen…. WIIIIIIIIZZZZARD!

– We finished up the day with the second main session – up in the balcony. Apparently, the Elevation crew is a little too boisterous to sit with the normal crowd. It might have be the teal explosion we had with our t shirts, or it might have been the 2 minute ovation we gave Pastor Steven during the middle of Perry’s first session, or it could have been the sweet moustaches we brought with us. Most of the Elevation staff, along with a few volunteers, sported some hot nose neighbors. Some of the moustacheos were awesome. Most were terrible. I present – the Dirty Dozen.

PS. You’d be amazed how much a pair of Blue Blockers just set off a moustache. Radiant.

Larry looks like a professional poker player and Jeremy is a cross between a freight trucker and the village people. I love my job.




5 responses

16 03 2008

Funny stuff sworth

17 03 2008
Chris P.

The frightening thing is I can id the mustaches. All but one, just give me time…..I’m thinkin’, still thinkin’, still thinkin’……. You a funny man!

17 03 2008
Chris P.

Funny but the one who I can’t id YET! has got some good choppers. You can tell he has never played hockey! Still thinkin’, still tinkin’, still……..

18 03 2008
Candice Lanning

Amazing moustaches.

18 03 2008

extremely entertaining stuff here Holling(sworth). I wish I could have made the trek to Anderson. I would have definitely grown the ‘stache for that.

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