‘Lost’ Is A Gateway Drug

15 03 2008

So, granted I’m about four years behind this fast train, but I started watching ‘Lost’ last week – my roommate got Season 1 from his boss – and since then I’ve watched 15 episodes. I would have watched more, but I probably would have lost my job. I’m beginning to realize what a heroine addiction must be like. I’ve never really gotten into these weekly cliffhanger shows like ’24’ or ‘Heroes,’ but this has got to be one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Plus it makes me want to live on a tropical island. If you haven’t watched it before, do yourself a favor and start. If you’re saying ‘Dude, I’ve been watching this for years – you are so 2004 right now. Let me catch you up.’ I’ll break your legs.




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16 03 2008

i hear you. my roommate and i started watching season 1 this January and finished with season 3 by the first week of Feb. We were almost sad to see it end. Now we have to wait a whole week between episodes!

16 03 2008

Yeah, it’s pretty addictive…especially the first season. Unfortunately I’ve been watching since the beginning and now I’m beginning to wonder if any of our questions will ever get answered.

Enjoy the ride man.

Brad Ruggles

17 03 2008

DUDE! You are so 2004 right now!!! so come see me, and break my legs!

18 03 2008

hahaha, should i pick it up? i hear its good

18 03 2008

definitely pick it up – but only if you’ve got a few days blocked off to get through at least the first 4 discs. haha.

28 03 2008
Chris McEwen

Welcome to the wonderful world of LOST. It’s gonna drive you out of your mind. But at least you’re getting into it now that the series drawing to a close after a couple more seasons. The wait between season 3 and season 4 was the worst. At least you’ll only have to wait between 4 and 5 as well as 5 and 6. Welcome to the LOST rehab group…

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