And Then There Was Baumer. And It Was Good.

8 03 2008

Baumer –Were It Not For You

A while back, I told everyone to go check out the new tracks from my good buddies in Baumer.  Well the time has finally come to hear the rest.  This past Tuesday, they released Were It Not For You on Eyeball Records.  You can stream it here or buy it here.  Or you can wander down to your local Best Buy and pick it up.  But if you care for your ears at all, you won’t deny them these sweet melodies.  It’s the best thing to come out of South Carolina since Cracked Rear View.  No, Seriously.

And for those who think that Baumer is just some jokers  jumping on the dance rock bandwagon, these guys have been doing the music thing a while.  Just look how far they’ve come… Here’s a few gems from the old time capsule [1] [2].  Enjoy.




One response

11 03 2008

Alright, about time!!! I’ll go support the hometown band!

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