The First 100

29 02 2008

I was supposed to go to the doctor Wednesday to see if I could be cured of my West Nile virus I’ve been carrying around for three weeks. That didn’t happen. I had more important things to do. Well, only one thing to do. Josh and I went camping in front of a Chick-fil-a that was opening with some sweet aspirations of being one of the first 100 customers to enter the store.

Outside of Coca-cola, I am brand loyal to the death to Chick-fil-a. I even worked there for 2 years and some when I was in high school – and I still love to eat it. A lot. So I was pretty excited to hear that they were opening a new Chick-fil-a in Fort Mill. You see Chick-fil-a is brilliant. Not only have they been running the same ad campaign for 10+ years (and it’s still working…), but they get loads of free publicity when they open a new Chick-fil-a because at every new location, the first 100 customers get free Chick-fil-a for a year – ah, sweet music to my ears.

So I did what any smart person with walking pneumonia would have done on one of the coldest nights of the year – I packed up my warm jacket, some couch cushions and a blanket and headed up to Fort Mill with my roommate. We met some old friends up there and set in for a frigid night. Even though it was 21 degrees, there was plenty to take our minds off of the cold – or least momentarily distract. There was a four hour dance party with a DJ, some sweet 4 Square action, an ice cream buffet, and Dennis – the man in cow print pants. Then we packed into a tent like sardines and attempted to sleep for a few hours until 5AM. Then there was a huge party complete with news cameras, a giant cow mascot and commemorative t shirts – and a chunk of chicken coupons that should last me quite a while. And it was all worth it. And I documented the evening with some hot photos with my new camera. Check it out…

a chicken-loving hippie commune…

we have no clue what we’re doing…

the hot lady came for a visit…

cue the dance party…

and to think we’re all paid professionals…

this is Dennis. This was his 20th Chick-fil-a grand opening. And if you were wondering, yes he does have pants on that match that bandana.

the big moment… mom and dad were so proud.

I’m gonna get a x-ray in December. If I don’t gain 5 pounds of solid chicken this year, I’m gonna be ticked.




5 responses

1 03 2008
Eric McCoy

Dude, if you find another opening in the Carolina’s, let me know – I’m all in. You better be sproutin’ some feathers by year end or I’ll be dissapointed in you.

3 03 2008
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3 03 2008

I’m with Eric… call a brotha! Great pics! I bet you were more fun than the COWS! Will you take me out for dinner?! And don’t tell me you don’t have the money!

3 03 2008
Angie !!!

Just checking in to see HOW YOU ARE!! I miss you guys like CRAZY!! Ashley is GORGEOUS as always!!!!!!! Great to see you looking SOOO happy!!!!
Love u both!!!!!!!!!!!

9 04 2008
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[…] friend of Brains on Fire, Ryan Sworth, documented his weekend camp out, which just happened to be in the parking lot of a brand new […]

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