Messing With Texas: Some C3 Takeaways

27 02 2008

We got back from C3 safe and sound last weekend, unless you count the hot flu-strep combo that struck P Mac and most of CS4 (side note: I have been in a varying degree of sickness the past 3 weeks – the last of those on some ineffective antibiotics… I think I have SARS – is that still around?). Here are few takeaways from the big D:

– Airport Bingo should be a mandatory game on business trips.
So should Sugar Pants.

– American Airlines can’t spell Hollingsworth right, which almost made my flight reservation non-existent. Conspiracy Theorists agree that Shannon Yates had something to do with it.

– I left my luggage at Avis and I, along with a small caravan of faithful friends, had to trek back to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport to get it. This is why I don’t have nice things. But I do have nice friends.

Fellowship Church is gigantic.

– The production level there is through the roof.

– I think Elevation is spoiled with our volume levels.

– We’re also spoiled with the Pastor we get to hear every week. We’re like a crowd at the Apollo when Pastor Steven is not in the pulpit.

Perry Noble brought the heat along with all of his home run jokes. He made the south look like more than a bunch of clueless rednecks.

– Bryan Houston from Hillsong Australia is dynamic and genuine, and with that accent I badly wanted him to have a curly moustache and/or a monocle.

– Say what you want about the empire he’s built, TD Jakes is giant man and one of the most engaging, anointed speakers I’ve ever heard. He was like a wound-up top that spun for an hour straight without taking a breath. I couldn’t write fast enough to get down all of his points. He spoke from Luke 24:13-31 about the order of the breaking of bread and about 30 minutes in, the whole audience had a Beautiful Mind moment, connecting many great stories of the Bible with our own lives along a single theme of how Jesus broke bread in this story: Took it, Blessed it, Broke it, and Gave it. Awesome stuff.

– I want a photo booth. Put it on the “Hot List of Unnecessary Items I’d Buy If I Won Some Power Ball Millions.”

– American Airlines stole my utility knife. And by “stole,” I mean confiscated it for safety purposes out of my carry-on bag. It was probably a good thing I didn’t tell them that the TSA in Charlotte didn’t mind me carrying a knife on the plane. Those over-cautious Texans.

– If you see Mack Brock around sporting a new “Johnny Tremain” pony tail, you can thank me for that.

Here’s a visual companion to this Cliff’s Notes list.

no, it’s not a soccer team, just some hot matching track jackets – walking in with style.

a quaint little worship auditorium…

it sits a few people

some good seats

T.D. Jakes is a giant man

p.s. The blogging slump is officially over. Back to twice a week. Fo sho.




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