Holidays, Milestones, New Years Disasters: An Appendix of The Week That Was

19 02 2008

Back from the week+ long blogging hiatus. I’m telling you, having a hard drive crash is like having a dentist appointment before school – you feel a step behind all day, trying to catch up. That’s how the whole past week has been for me. And maybe I could have handled it, had it just been a hard drive. But throw in a week full of mild to mega milestones and the end of the infamous Days O’ Death and you’ve got yourself a dangerous cocktail. Busyness? High. Extra-curricular New Years Resolution activities? Not even on the radar. And if you’ve been wondering, that’s where I’ve been.

‘And what are these events that kept you at bay from the blogging public?’ you may be wondering silently to yourself. Well here they are, in no order other than chronological:

Sunday: Elevation’s Two Year Anniversary
And I thought I made a big deal out of birthday parties… This day was big and awesome and never-ending. I love my job. Here’s a few hot pics:

it’s a pretty substantial mind-blow when people line up to get into church like it’s Top Gun (the roller coaster, not the movie).

everybody wants a float in the Wade Parade

i spy, with my little eye, my hot lady

Our fearless leader, with some sweet rock n’ roll tuxedo pants

mindblow pt. 2: baptism mosh pit in the atrium

Monday: A Purple State of Mind
Josh and I made plans to go see this movie/speaking tour on its stop in Charlotte. I’ll write more about it later. Just know this for now – it was fantastic. Watch the trailer.

Tuesday: National Pancake Day

I went with some friends to IHOP to celebrate one of my favorite breakfast foods. And whats better than hot, tasty pancakes for dinner? Free hot, tasty pancakes for dinner.

Wednesday: Young Life
This is not so much a milestone, as it is one of my favorite parts of the week. Where else can you play a game that ends with someone answering Valentine’s Day trivia, getting it wrong, and having to eat canned oysters? Nowhere, sir. Nowhere.

Thursday: Valentine’s Day slash One Year Anniversary
Hands down the highlight of the week. Tasty food, a giant chocolate bass, and a hot lady. And one of the best gifts I’ve ever received (danger! cheese ahead and I don’t even care): a one year scrapbook with an un-Godly amount of man hours put in to making it. Ashley Park is so much better than your girlfriend.

Friday: Baumer @ Tremont
It’s not often that I get to spend time with Kenny, Nate, Chad and Josh – but when I do, it is always great. I got to see Sheri and Ryan Payne too. And Baumer’s new jams are off the heezy. Talk about time well spent. Go listen to them now and thank me later.

Saturday: The Great Fence Project
Partly because I like working outside, and mostly because I’m a cheap jerk, I trade some rent cash every month for man hours with my neighbor/landlord. And since its been winter, I’ve had a few hours build up. So Landlord J cashed all his chips in for an all-day fence building project. Side note: I love any project that begins this way: “The ultimate goal is to not spend any money.” Awesome.

And while the week was full of great events, there were some casualties. This was the first week all year that I didn’t make my bed. Or read. Or blog. Not even once. Not even close. But it is also the same week that I swore off soft drinks for at least 3 months. Related events? You tell me. And if you’re keeping score, that’s 7 great days, 3 failed resolutions. Things are finally back to normal now, at least until tomorrow – when we take off for C3. And I’m ready to mess with Texas.




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