R.I.P. MacBook Pro…

8 02 2008

Note: This will probably be the nerdiest I ever sound. Go.

Well, we had a good run, but today was the end of a journey for the hard drive on my MacBook. I spent some time with Chris at the Apple store this morning, trying to breathe life back into it, but it wasn’t meant to be. He told me: “Hard drives are like hearts. No matter how good they are, at some point they will die.” He also said that all hard drives have a 100% failure rate. Comforting, I know. Fortunately, I backed up my hard drive about 2 weeks ago so I’m not out as much as I could have been.

What, you ask? How much could I have been out?

Well, before backing up two weeks ago, following a little scare with my operating system, I hadn’t backed up my work since roughly October. About 120 GB worth of design work, photos and music. I know. I’m an idiot. And it is divine providence that my hard drive made it far enough to be backed up to a pseudo-reasonable time. With all that said, I still have a few hoops to jump through to get back to where I was, but it could be much worse, and we’ll bounce back. Just throw it on the heap of the week that was (and it’s not just me – if you run into Meredith, Larry, Caleb, Wes, Jeremy or Spencer… ask them about their week – and you’ll see how all encompassing this has been…) And so the Days O’ Death continue – 6 more to go.

And go back up your hard drive. Now. No, not after you check your Facebook. Now.




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8 02 2008

I feel your pain, brotha. Rest in peace, little guy. He’s probably running on a farm somewhere now.

12 02 2008

Yeah, that’s the unfortunate thing about hard drives. Good thing you backed up though.

I learned my lesson about 5 years ago with a Western Digital drive that went south on me. I had enough valuable stuff on there that I even sent it in to see how much it would cost to recover the data.

In the end, I would have had to spend $2,000 and they could only guarantee 90% of the data could be recovered. With my luck the stuff I really needed would have been in that last 10%.

Oh well, live and learn.

Brad Ruggles

12 02 2008

two words – Time Machine. It’s a lifesaver!

12 02 2008
K Ray

Hey Ryan!
Long time no see. I found you while I was reading blogs & decided to catch up on what you’re up to. I have to say that I usually find blogs boring-i’m not really into journalling-but yours has been a fun read. I’m glad you’re doing well out there in the real world!
speaking of computers, we back up our hard drive fairly often, but lost the motherboard on my desktop last year–non fixable. Finally got a MacBook Pro for Christmas & I’m loving be back in apple world!


15 02 2008

Nothing like learning a lesson the hard way…

21 04 2008
The Day The Music Died « ryan sworth | a lull in traffic

[…] 21 04 2008 So if you weren’t already aware, a month or two back my MacBook hard drive kicked the bucket.  I lost everything – about 2 weeks of work, which I was able to tap dance around, a bunch of […]

13 12 2008


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