Joe Buck, Giants and Violent Mice: A Super Bowl Recap Three Days After the Fact

6 02 2008

Its Wednesday. The Super Bowl was Sunday. Timely bloggers write about it Monday, or possibly even late Sunday night. Not this guy. Nope. I’ve got things to do. And as of today, there are 9 Days O’ Death left, so that lands squarely in the ‘Good Excuses’ category. Moving on.

The Giants won with some smack-you-in-the-mouth defense and a few lucky plays, causing “arguably” the biggest upset in Super Bowl history. I love how sports pundits can explain away any sort of ridiculous overstatement just by throwing “arguably” in front of whatever dramatic comparison to history they are about to make… pundits like the inept Joe Buck. Who keeps giving this guy work? He’s the poor man’s Bob Costas, minus the charm. Without fail, I’ll be getting ready to watch a big sporting event – the World Series, the NCAA Championship game, the Kentucky Derby (this is hypothetical… I don’t really watch horse racing…), Joe Buck will be there, like a stain on your favorite shirt. The best thing Joe Buck has ever done is this Super Bowl commercial…

which brings me to the commercials… the real reason America watches the Super Bowl. And maybe it had something to do with the writers strike, or maybe I’m just more judgmental because of my marketing background, or maybe is was the fact the game itself was actually more exciting, but overall I though there were very few real winners, and some of those that I expect so much from this time of year, didn’t deliver the knock-out punch I was hoping for (Bud Light, FedEx, etc.) Here’s a brief and incomplete report card.

Pepsi Max – Head Nod
Pepsi – Timberlake Drag Around
Coke – Parade Floats
Bud Light/Semi-Pro – Will Ferrel
(*though I was much more willing to watch the movie than buy the beer after this)
Tide – Talking Stain
Audi – Godfather Parody

The “Ehs”:
FedEx – Pigeons
Bud Light – Cheese Party
E Trade – Baby Online
T Mobile – Charles Barkley/D Wade
(*Barkley has some pretty funny lines when you watch it a second time)
Vitamin Water – Shaq Horse Jockey
(*again, better after a second viewing – listen to the horse names)
Toyota – Badger

The “Well, I guess we just wasted a couple million…”‘s:
the rest of the Bud Light ads
Life Water – Thriller Lizards
Gatorade – Derek Jeter
both Sales Genie ads
both Bridgestone ads
Go Daddy
Garmin – Napoleon
Planters – Cashew Lady

And the Best in Show:
Doritos – Mouse Trap

And not only was it the best, it wasn’t even written by a hired agency – this was one of the user-submitted ads to Doritos (their second year doing it – and a brilliant idea… thousands of submitted videos to pick from, weeks of pre-hype, and solid final product… though this year’s was better than last…). If you missed any of the commercials, you can watch them here.

And finally, how could I fail to mention the halftime show? Tom Petty is an American rock legend, and even though he didn’t play a song that had been written in past 15-20 years, it was awesome. In the years since “NippleGate”, the Halftime show has been well above reproach and thankfully spotlighted true musical icons (Paul McCartney, Prince, and now, The Heartbreakers…) whoever is planning these things, keep it up – you’re setting a new standard for quality entertainment on “arguably” America’s biggest stage.




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